Almost two months have passed in the new year and we’ve found ourselves spending just one weekend away in that time. And whilst we  keep up to date with the travels of our travel blogging friends we find ourselves green with envy at their latest posts from Finland, New York or New Zealand.

Working full time as we both do travelling around the world comes in the form of short breaks when our annual allowance permits us.

When we first started our blog just over two years ago the idea was to share our experiences and hopefully inspire our readers to follow their dream and travel as well.

With our own travels limited it also means sharing our experiences have dwindled. Nevertheless we want to inspire you by sharing our passion for travel.

Announcing our “Plan a Trip” feature

About a month ago I was reading an article on TNooz discussing Five travel APIs to beef up website user experience and happened upon a website called Rome2Rio.

According to their website, Rome2Rio offers a “multi-modal, door-to-door travel search engine that returns itineraries which may include air, train, coach, ferry, mass transit and driving options to and from any location.”

“Cool” was my initial reaction (as it usually is to anything) but playing around with the site I found it fascinating. It combines different forms of transport so that a trip to Europe won’t just consist of flying from city to city but more a mixture of road, rail and air.

“If I found it helpful, maybe others will” I thought.

Well it just so happens that Rome2Rio offer a whitelabel solution that allowed me to incorporate their technology into the MyPostcardFrom website.

So a few weeks down the line we’re happy to announce that you can now Plan a Trip on our blog.

Travel Guides

In addition to the “Plan a Trip” feature we’ll also be starting a set of travel guides to the countries, cities and towns we’ve visited over the years.

Our first guide, to the UK, was published a couple of weeks ago and we will be bringing you more in the coming weeks.

With our country guides we’ll give you our verdict on the best places to go and how to get around whilst our city/town guides will go into more detail on what to do whilst you’re there.

Hopefully these will give you some inspiration and we’ll be looking to see what works and what doesn’t.

In the meantime we want to hear from you.

What do you think of the “Plan a Trip” page? What do you want to know before you visit a country?